MySmartCrew is an online community that enable members to connect, learn, share and collaborate with other members in building a successful career.

My Smart Crew

Socializing towards building a successful career…….

Group Activities

MySmartCrew group activities includes: • Tutorial Classes: Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology and Grammar. Other subjects shall be introduced as time goes on. Career Counseling Module: Professionals counseling information shall be provided and professional counselors will be providing real time career counseling advises. • Skills Development Module: Tutorials on sewing; autocad; IT; farming shall be providing training for member in developing skills for self-reliant and employment of labor. • Articles Module: Various articles from different fields shall be published to enhance professional development of members. • Competitions: Various forms of competitions and quizzes shall be coming up on this module from time to time in other to encourage the youths on career development.

Data Safety

MySmartCrew is assuring all members of adequate protection of their data and all private information provided on this site. All data provided shall not be shared with third parties.

Find Friends

The most successful leaders all over the world have one thing in common; and that is finding friends by continuous connection with people of like minds. MySmartCrew main objective is to enable connecting with people to collaborate for career advancement and peaceful co-existence in making the world a better place..

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